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The Gods in Twilight – about to launch

The first two stories in my ‘Gods in Twilight’ cycle are close to launch.

One – a 3000-word short story that kicks the whole thing off – is being published in the second issue of a new US-based science-fiction, literary and arts magazine, Scaffolding. It’ll be out in a few months. You can check out the first issue here – which also has a piece of mine in it.

The second ‘Gods in Twilight’ story, a 10,000 word long story (or short novella – I don’t know which) is also being published in a few months an Australian science-fiction/fantasy compilation, Endless Worlds 2. Again, don’t forget to check out the first book in this series – which features a hard sci-fi story I wrote in 2015.

More soon.

Finishing off the story…

The second story in the Gods in Twilight cycle, a 10,000 word short novella, is about to be despatched to the publisher.

The finishing process has been something of a frenzy – though that’s no different from any piece of writing. All the main decisions have already been made about the content – and at the eleventh hour there’s no place to change them. However, all the details all need attention. By the time it’s about to go, those details are often down to tiny matters such as consistency of punctuation, literal typography and so forth. All of them count, and authors, inevitably, are their own worst proof-readers. But that doesn’t mean writers can slack off and let somebody else do the hard yards. You can’t have too much proofing in any piece of writing. Period.

The story will be published probably early next year. I’m looking forward to seeing it in print, and I hope you are too.

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Getting the character names right

Finalising a manuscript is a tricky thing, really. I usually write in this order: (a) get the characterisation and structure right, (b) get the wording right. You can’t finish the wording until the rest of it is in place (it’s kind of like trying to fit out a building before the framework’s been built). But of course there are always ‘better thoughts’, ‘second thoughts’ and in this case a reconsideration of what the name of the ‘darker shades of grey than the rest of them’ guy might be.  That’s what we call the putative bad guys around here, but his actual name needs a re-think…

First Agorathor story drafted

I’ve got the first story set in the world of Agorathor drafted and away with a beta reader. It’s due to the publisher very soon indeed – watch this space for release details.

And the second story is about to be written – also with a deadline pressing with the publisher. Nothing like a bit of last-minute pressure to get the creative ideas flowing.

Welcome to the Agorathor Diaries

Back in 1993 a vision came to me of a story about a warrior-adventurer, a woman and her chihuahua. I wrote a fairly lengthy manuscript. It didn’t work and was pushed away into the proverbial drawer. My writing attentions turned elsewhere. But then in 2008 I tackled it again – differently.

Now it’s about to be launched – evolved, expanded and turned from a single story idea into a world: the world of Agorathor in the twilight age of the Gods. A paleo-ice world with five thousand years of recorded history, beginning with a world of swords and ending in one of mechanised steam. And suffusing them all – the struggle between magic and the immortal gods.

It’s been quite a journey. And this occasional blog will tell you, step by step, how it’s being brought to fruition – building eventually, all things going well, into a raft of stories and novels. Watch this space.

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