Welcome to the Agorathor Diaries

Back in 1993 a vision came to me of a story about a warrior-adventurer, a woman and her chihuahua. I wrote a fairly lengthy manuscript. It didn’t work and was pushed away into the proverbial drawer. My writing attentions turned elsewhere. But then in 2008 I tackled it again – differently.

Now it’s about to be launched – evolved, expanded and turned from a single story idea into a world: the world of Agorathor in the twilight age of the Gods. A paleo-ice world with five thousand years of recorded history, beginning with a world of swords and ending in one of mechanised steam. And suffusing them all – the struggle between magic and the immortal gods.

It’s been quite a journey. And this occasional blog will tell you, step by step, how it’s being brought to fruition – building eventually, all things going well, into a raft of stories and novels. Watch this space.

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