‘The Last Citadel of the Innocent’ is a dark tale sprung from a heady combination of the Nibelung myths, the French revolution – and a soundtrack of Sirenia, Therion and Serenity (the Austrian metal band whose lead writer and singer has a PhD in history). The story is set in the Gods in Twilight universe that I’ve been developing for a while.  And that’s just one of the eight tales in a new volume by a range of new and established fantasy writers. It’s faerie – but it’s not for children.

Or check out my novella ‘Missionary’ in the Endless Worlds Volume 1 anthology (Endless Worlds Publications, Brisbane 2015).

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‘Missionary’ is my homage to 1950s ‘atomic’ sci-fi, one of seven stories of horror, fantasy and science-fiction by seven authors from New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Endless possibilities. Dark natures and some dark solutions. Endless Worlds gripped me from the beginning to the end of the book. My reaction…WOW! So intense, compelling and yet I was so ensnared I could not stop reading. From one story to the next you had to find out what was happening even if you didn’t know how it would end. Exceptional Sci-fi writing, it’s even scares you at the thought of “what if?” My imagination is working overtime’ – ‘Lizzie’, Amazon reader.

Endless Worlds Volume 2 – a collection of dark faerie tales – was released in early 2017 with a fantasy novella of mine along with another ten tales of fantasy and wonder.